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Wrapped in Love

Upon arriving at this gorgeous family’s home, I could sense the excitement from big brother as he pressed his face against the window in anticipation of my arrival. Big sissy wasn’t far behind and couldn’t wait to jump up on the bed to snuggle up and wrap her arms around her baby brother. The excitement and LOVE was so evident in the room as they showered little one with snuggles and kisses. There wasn’t a single moment someone didn’t have their hands on baby brother, treasuring each tiny feature of his, soaking up the newness and basking in excitement of welcoming a new member to the family. Ugh, this session was beyond precious and I could have spent another hour with them telling their sweet family’s story!





The Afterglow

Florida in the winter is one of my favorite times to shoot family sessions – the air is crisp and it actually gives families a chance to snuggle up if there is a bit of chill in the air. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for this family’s session

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Rhett & Parker

  It is one of my favorite things to walk into a client’s home for a newborn session – the energy in the air is evident immediately, so full of love and appreciation for the new life they’ve welcomed. To document a mom or dad soaking in their new little

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Family Beach Dreams

There are so many reasons why I love shooting at the beach and this session screams all of the reasons why! The way the light hits, the different sceneries, the open skies, the movement the wind offers, the fun the ocean provides… there is just so much to document and

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