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Rhett & Parker


It is one of my favorite things to walk into a client’s home for a newborn session – the energy in the air is evident immediately, so full of love and appreciation for the new life they’ve welcomed. To document a mom or dad soaking in their new little one feels like a privilege every time. This session was no different, as boy twins Parker & Rhett were such a treat to photograph. We captured those sleepy newborn smiles, the most adorable sleepy faces and the beginning of a very special brotherhood!



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Family Beach Dreams

There are so many reasons why I love shooting at the beach and this session screams all of the reasons why! The way the light hits, the different sceneries, the open skies, the movement the wind offers, the fun the ocean provides… there is just so much to document and

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Steal My Heart

Newborn sessions just have a way of stealing my heart, every single time. Maybe it’s because I’m a mama to two littles myself, maybe it’s because newborns remind us of just how miraculous and beautiful life can really be. Watching my clients become parents, listening to their stories, and offering

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Tear The Walls Down

My favorite sessions are the ones where my clients allow their walls to come down. I know it’s not easy, but if you let me work my magic, an entire world opens up for me to document. These two did just that…. we laughed over so many “inappropriate” things, got

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