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Fresh 48 Booked Info

Hello & thank you for choosing me to document such a special time in your life! As we prepare for your session, here is some information about what to expect for your Fresh 48 Newborn Session.

Updates: I ask my clients to keep me updated during their pregnancy so that I can plan accordingly  if there are any changes regarding your due date, please email me and let me know 🙂 Once it’s go time, please text/call me when you are headed to the hospital and again when baby arrives so that I can schedule your Fresh 48 session (please do so within 8 hours of baby being born).

Preparing for your session: I always recommend that baby is changed, swaddled and fed shortly before my arrival — this way he/she is extra sleepy and cozy! If baby does need to feed during the session, do not stress. I build time into the session for this and can also capture breastfeeding images if you wish. You do not need to stress about making your hospital room spotless — the point of this lifestyle session is to capture the room and the moment, as is. It is recommended that during this time, the only individuals present in the hospital room are Mom, Dad, siblings, and baby. I am more than happy to include grandparents and other extended family members towards the end of the session, however it is advised that not everyone be in the hospital room all at at once. Hospital rooms can quickly get crowded with extended family members which makes it more difficult to have a quiet, relaxed, intimate session.

What to wear: There is no need to stress about doing your makeup or hair if you don’t want to. You just gave birth, and nothing is more beautiful than the newborn admiration on your face! I’ve had mamas that felt more refreshed for portraits after a shower and some light makeup and others who went all natural — it’s whatever you’re most comfortable with. For outfits, you will want to go for a neutral every day look my best recommendation for moms is to bring a pretty robe with you to the hospital (white/lace always looks great). Robes are natural to the environment and look great for newborn sessions. Most importantly, choose something that you feel comfortable in. Baby is typically swaddled in their hospital blanket – some moms also like to bring their own cute swaddle blankets/hats for their little one. Dads can wear something as simple as jeans and a casual white t-shirt.

The Session: I’ll start by scanning the room and may adjust the blinds to allow ample natural light to fill your room. Other than that, I won’t be adjusting the atmosphere at all. The point is to capture everything naturally so that I can tell an honest story of your newborn’s first hours. I will probably get up close and personal with my camera or use a chair to capture a different angle. All you need to do is just concentrate on your loved ones. There may be gaps of time when I don’t take pictures. This means I’ve already taken some great shots of the scene, and am now waiting for a moment to happen — perhaps a delicious baby yawn or smile? It is my goal to capture every last little detail you will want to remember later on.

Thank you again for choosing me to document this time in your life!

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions regarding your upcoming session!